Scale Modeling

Working daily with bits and bytes, there is nothing at the end of the day which you can touch. That's why it's called software.
In my professional work, I was never interested in front-end development, so there's not even something I can show to someone.
To be more precisely: the less a customer notices my work, the better I have done it ;-).
But my job is far away from doing nothing, so I've needed something for my other brain side, that's when I've rediscovered scale modelling.

Back in the seventies of the last millennium, I was glueing together this small Matchbox and Airfix Kits which where then available in the shopping
mall in the City of Lucerne in which I was born. I was 4 years old, when I've builded my first Messerschmitt Plane.
The outcome was in no way comparable with my todays result expect that they are still made from plastic and the glue still smells like hell.

Todays motto is : the smaller and more complicated, the better ! That's why I'm mainly interested in 1/700 Ships and AFV

You may find some samples and projects in my gallery soon....


I'm a motorbike fanatic ! I own a HD Night rod special which I ride about 15 - 20 k Kilometers a year.